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Carbon fiber reinforced plastics (CFRP)

Carbon, the material of the future for many - for us as well

Whether used for its excellent physical properties or for design reasons, carbon fibers and fiber composite materials produced from them will play an increasingly important role in a wide variety of applications and act as drivers of innovation in numerous industries.

The use of carbon fiber reinforced plastic has already been indispensable for many years in aircraft construction, as well as in racing and high-performance sport. It is now making inexorable progress in sectors such as machinery and equipment construction, in medical and orthopedic technology and in future also in automotive production vehicles. Lightweight construction is becoming a key technology of the 21st century in an increasing number of markets.

The use of perfectly manufactured carbon fiber semi-finished products is a basic requirement for maximizing the existing potential for lightweight construction. We specialize in the production of carbon fiber fabrics and support you with our products and our expertise in the development and implementation of your carbon fiber composite activities.

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